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Posted on 04-03-2017

The Differences between Sciatica & Lower Back Pain Symptoms in Duluth

Is your back tight and achy? It could be sciatica or lower back pain. Learn the symptoms of both conditions as well as how our Duluth chiropractor can deliver sciatica or back pain relief without medication. 

Man experiencing lower back pain or sciatica in Duluth

Lower Back Pain vs Sciatica Symptoms 

Low back pain could be from something as mild as straining a back muscle while lifting something heavy or as serious as a sports accident, auto accident, or tumble from a ladder. 

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed or impinged. This could happen due to inflammation, back pain, a herniated disc, a spinal misalignment, or several other causes. 

Both conditions cause back pain, stiffness, and soreness in the low back region. Sciatica causes pain radiating down the back of the legs, hips, or buttocks. If you experience back pain and pain in the extremities, it is sciatica rather than back pain. In either case, our chiropractor in Duluth can restore wellness. 

Lower Back Pain vs Sciatica Treatment in Duluth

Low back pain and sciatica respond well to adjustments from our chiropractor in Duluth. 

If we believe you have lower back pain, we will adjust the spine to restore your proper alignment. We may also suggest core exercises or back strengthening exercises that boost your core strength and take pressure off your back. This delivers back pain relief and prevents you from experiencing another crippling bout of pain. 

For sciatica treatment in Duluth, we will use massage to loosen muscle tissue and chiropractic adjustments to relieve impingements of the sciatic nerve. When the sciatic nerve is free, your symptoms will go away naturally. 

If a strained back muscle or slipped disc is contributing to your sciatica pain, we will treat the underlying condition. 

Get Chiropractic Care in Duluth

Whether you have lower back pain or sciatica, chiropractic care in Duluth can resolve your pain naturally. Our Duluth chiropractor offers a FREE new patient consultation. Come in, talk with us about your symptoms, and learn how we can help. Reserve your free consultation online or call us today.

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