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Posted on 04-03-2018

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

The pain of any kind is a warning that something is not right. At the first sign of pain, most people want to take an aspirin or try an alternative home remedy treatment. These scenarios might work for a headache, but not for a more serious problem like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Woman with a hurt wrist needs chiropractic care for her Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel is wrist pain that leads to weakness in the hands, pain, numbness, and tingling. The median nerve pain travels down to the forearm and enters the hands, only after passing through the wrist’s tunnel and landing in the central part of the wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the thumbs, the middle and index fingers. Although, pain is noticeable during the day; it is mostly troublesome at night. The syndrome is more common in middle-aged women, and often times the causes are not known. The syndrome is diagnosed only after the individual complaints of pain, and physical tests are conducted.

It is important that you recognize the symptoms of carpal tunnel and how it can affect your body. As a chiropractor in Duluth, it is imperative to provide patients with the best Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Duluth by a Duluth Chiropractor. We diagnose and treat wrist pain, with one or more comprehensive treatment plans.

How Do Duluth Chiropractic Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

  • Manipulation Therapy- Treatment of the upper spine and elbow, where the soft tissue joints are located.
  • Nutrition Supplements - CTS treatment, and a B6 vitamin diet.
  • Exercises- Special exercises designed to help the wrist and the hand to heal and recover.
  • Electro-acupuncture - The process of applying a bracing technique by restricting the flexibility and extension of the hand. It helps to alleviate tendon swelling through compression of the median nerve.

How Do We Diagnose the Symptoms of Carpal?

We look at your medical history profile, perform and examination and an evaluation or your case. Once we have gathered this information and interviewed you, we will make a determination as to the best course of treatment. The symptoms we look for are:

  • Numbness in the hands
  • Pain in the forearm
  • Tingling sensation in the hands
  • Pain the thumb
  • Painful or sore wrists
  • Pain in the shoulder
  • Painful elbows
  • Neck pain
  • Pain in the fingers
  • Poor blood circulation

Contact Our Local Chiropractor To Treat Your Carpal Tunnel Today

This is not an extensive list of all the symptoms associated with carpal. If you are experiencing wrist pain, that keeps you from being productive, you need to give Associated Chiropractic Physicians a call at (218) 727-3686 today, or visit our office at 1320 Kenwood Ave.

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