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Duluth Auto Accident Injury Care

Car Accident Injury in Duluth, MN

An auto accident is something to be feared, not only for the damage it can do to your motor vehicle but also for the havoc it can wreak on your physical vehicle -- namely, your body. From the agonizing neck pain of whiplash to the searing leg pain of sciatica and back pain from a car seat belt injury, you need help right away, preferably help that is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical in nature. That's why Associated Chiropractic Physicians is the natural destination for Duluth auto accident injury care.

Auto accidents can produce a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries. Common examples include:

  • Whiplash - Whiplash is a much-dreaded neck injury caused by the force transferred to your body in a car accident. As the car suddenly stops, your head whips back and then forward, throwing your cervical spine out of alignment and damaging neck muscles. Symptoms include neck pain, inability to turn the head, dizziness, headaches, jaw pain, shoulder pain, "brain fog" and vision/hearing disturbances.
  • Car seat belt injury - Your car seat belt may save your life, but it can also contribute to spinal injuries. A car seat belt injury can occur when your three-point safety belt holds one side of your body immobile while allowing the other side to fly forward in a car accident. This action twists the spine, straining soft tissues and vertebral joints.
  • Low back injury - Your lumbar spine can receive quite a jolt in a car accident -- and when it does, vertebral discs can slip and herniate painfully. This herniation may also compress sciatic nerve roots, causing the telltale leg pain, tingling and loss of sensation known as sciatica.

Natural, Non-Surgical Car Accident Injury Care From Our Duluth Chiropractor

Our Duluth chiropractor, Dr. Robert Torgrimson, can help you achieve relief and recovery from your auto accident injury without turning to prescription painkillers or risk spinal surgery. A detailed evaluation of your spinal column and symptoms will reveal the exact nature and location of your injury. Chiropractic adjustments can then help correct vertebral joint stiffness and take pressure off of nerve roots, relieving pain and restoring mobility. We can also recommend specific corrective exercises and other techniques as needed to help you soothe and rehabilitate sprained or strained soft tissues. Our personalized, holistic approach to healing will get you feeling better and put you back on the road the safe, natural way.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Chiropractor in Duluth Today

Be warned that you may have suffered an auto accident injury without even knowing it (yet). Traumatic injury symptoms can sometimes be postponed due to the sheer shock of the incident, allowing your injury to get worse and worse because you're not receiving treatment. Whether you're in pain or not, protect yourself by calling (218) 728-3686 to set up a spinal evaluation with our chiropractor in Duluth!

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No more back and Neck pain! Dr. Bob has relieved my back and neck pain and improved my posture. I’m looking forward to continuing my treatments at Associated Chiropractic!

Ali S.
Duluth, MN

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