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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Chiropractor in Duluth

If you’re in search of a Duluth Chiropractor who can help you with pain and discomfort due to personal injury, Associated Chiropractic Physicians can help. Our chiropractor in Duluth, Dr. Robert Torgrimson, has been practicing chiropractic medicine since 1979 and is a highly experienced orthopedic chiropractor, recognized as an expert for his demonstrated skills within his industry. Dr. Torgrimson is a passionate advocate of preventative health, so his main focus will not just be on alleviating your pain but on finding optimal ways to facilitate the healing process in a way that helps to prevent future occurrences of injury or illness.

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Common Types of Personal Injury

There are wide variety of personal injuries that can be sustained while we go about the course of our daily activities. It’s true, however, that certain activities do create more opportunities for injuries to occur. People who are very active in sports or have jobs where they do a lot of heavy lifting are much more susceptible to injury than others. Somewhat surprisingly, even people who have sedentary jobs where they stand or sit at a desk all day can be prone to injuries such as back pain or neck strain. One of the most common types of personal injury is an auto accident injury that often leads to a variety of painful physical problems such as neck pain, pulled muscles, herniated disks and whiplash.

What to Expect

Most people are surprised to discover how comprehensive chiropractic care is. Since back pain is one of the most common reasons that people come in to visit the chiropractor, many people have a mental reference that chiropractic medicine is simply about “back cracking.” Although alleviating back pain is one of our specialities, it is only part of the whole. The core focus of chiropractic care is to look for underlying problems and to treat the “whole person.” This means that through thorough hands-on examination and an in-depth review of your lifestyle and physical and emotional health, chiropractors can offer a highly personalized treatment plan, that is specific to your individual wellness needs over the long-term, rather than the temporary fixes or cookie cutter solutions that typically only focus on the immediately presenting problem.

How a Chiropractor Uses a Combination of Chiropractic & Other Techniques for Healing

One of the most beneficial aspects of chiropractic care is it’s hands-on, non-medicinal approach to healing. This is first facilitated by doing a manual spinal adjustment in order to ensure that the vertebral joints are properly aligned. Misalignment in this area can lead to a host of painful problems in other areas of the body such as pinched nerves, pulled muscles, migraines or poor circulation. To expedite and enhance the healing process, chiropractors also often make use of other holistic modalities such as massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy and nutritional counseling.

New Patients

Our patients are very important to us and we want to make sure that your time with us is not only a healing experience but also convenient for you. With that in mind, we created a New Patient Center on our website where you can fill out forms, review payment and insurance options or read helpful resource articles that will help support your quest for good health and overall wellness. You can also find out about our new patient special, which offers new patients a FREE no-obligation consultation!

This section is meant to save you time and help you move more quickly toward a more natural, wellness-centered lifestyle. Call today to schedule your first appointment for holistic, long-lasting pain relief!